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Phaneroo Ministries International with Apostle Grace Lubega

Show Phaneroo unveils the mysteries of scripture, the realities of the spirit and the convictions of Emmanuel, the God who is with us. This program opens us to the transforming power of Christ, the greatest distinction of the God-life.

Apostle Grace Lubega

Apostle Grace Lubega


Apostle Grace Lubega is the ...

Host:  Rhythms of Grace

Apostle Grace Lubega is the Vision Bearer of Phaneroo Ministries International, a movement at the heart of revival, transformation, and rapid change in the lives of multitudes in Uganda and the world over. He is a devoted husband and father.
He is an anointed teacher of the Word of God, with a distinctive insight in the knowledge and revelation of God. He is deeply prophetic, a miracle worker and a great demonstrator of the power of the Holy Spirit who has travelled the world over, preaching and teaching the gospel of grace and truth.

He is the famous host of the Rhythms of Grace program that airs, every week, on several radio stations across Uganda. His sermons are also aired on TBN Africa, TBN UK, Burundi Television, Calvary TV (India), God TV, Daystar Canada, and Faith World TV (Europe).

Through his astute and visionary leadership, Phaneroo Ministries international has grown exponentially within the space of a few years. Presently, the ministry has a sitting audience of over thirteen thousand congregants, a live-streaming audience of over one hundred thousand people with over 500 branches across East Africa and the globe. The ministry has a presence in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, the United Kingdom, Southern Sudan, United Arab Emirates, the United States of America, Malaysia, China, Netherlands, Sweden, Bahamas, Bahrain, Hungary, and Canada.

Phaneroo Ministries has a vibrant prisons ministry in Uganda through which it conducts weekly prison outreach in over seventeen prisons across the country. The Ministry is also actively engaged in educational institutions through its Manifest Fellowship with a presence in over three hundred educational institutions in Uganda and South Sudan.

Apostle Grace Lubega is, by the grace of God, a pattern to countless men and women; he believes in people and lives a life wholly sold out for the sake of the gospel.

YouTube: @Phaneroo
Twitter: @PhanerooKampala
Facebook: Phaneroo
Instagram: Phaneroo
TikTok: Phaneroo

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