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The Place For Miracles

The Place for Miracles is a half-hour broadcast hosted by Richard and Lindsay Roberts. The program focuses on the power of prayer and biblical teaching by Richard and Lindsay, plus occasional videos featuring classic sermons from Oral Roberts, praise and worship music, “Living Proof” miracle testimonies, including live calls and video presentations, and frequent, special guest appearances. It is seen around the world via satellite and can be viewed on demand on the Internet.

Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts has dedicated his life to...

CEO: Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association

Richard Roberts, B.A., M.A., D.Min., has dedicated his life to ministering the saving, healing, delivering power of Jesus Christ around the world. God has put a dream in Richard’s heart of reaching the nations of the earth for Jesus. Since 1980, he has ministered God’s healing power in 39 nations spanning six continents.

In his miracle healing outreaches, Richard has ministered to crowds of over 200,000 people in a single service. Often as much as half the audience responds for prayer to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Hundreds and thousands more receive healings and miracles as Richard ministers God’s Word and operates in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially the word of knowledge.

Richard is the Chairman and CEO of Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association. He and his wife, Lindsay, host The Place for Miracles—a half-hour daily interactive broadcast that reaches out to millions worldwide. On this unique healing program, Richard ministers in the power of the Holy Spirit, praying for those who are sick or hurting in some area of their lives, and often giving specific words of knowledge about how God is touching people with His healing power. The Place for Miracles has received more than 150,000 testimonies to date from viewers who have reported miracles and answers to prayer.

Richard is a man on fire for God and consumed by the compassion of Jesus for sick and hurting people. His meetings across the United States and around the world are marked by a tremendous move of the Spirit, resulting in all types of physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual healings. Richard says, “Jesus was born to step into a world of trouble and bring healing and deliverance, and that’s the call of God upon my own life—to reach out to people in their troubles and heartaches, to pray and believe God, and to bring them His Word of hope and healing.”

In addition to his responsibilities at OREA, Richard also served as President of Oral Roberts University for 15 years. Since 2010, he founded the Richard Roberts School of Miracles to help equip Christians with practical, hands-on experience in applying God’s Word and His healing power in their own lives and in the lives of the others, especially emphasizing how Christians can enjoy a life empowered by the Holy Spirit. To date, more than 40,000 students in 100 nations have studied these online courses.

Most recently, the Lord has directed Richard to reach out to pastors primarily in underdeveloped nations…to equip and train them to share the whole Gospel as Jesus did––preaching, teaching and healing people; preparing them to do as Jesus said, “…to do the Greater Works” (John 14:12).
Richard has also authored a number of books, booklets, and other inspirational material, including: Your Road to a Better Life, Thrive: Eliminating Lack in Your Life, Unstoppable Increase, He’s A Healing Jesus, When All Hell Breaks Loose, and his autobiography, He’s the God of a Second Chance.
Richard and his wife, Lindsay, have three daughters: Jordan, Olivia, and Chloe.

Lindsay Roberts

Lindsay Roberts


Lindsay Roberts is co-host of...

Editor: Make Your Day Count

Lindsay Roberts is co-host of The Place for Miracles, a powerful interactive healing program that reaches audiences worldwide. Lindsay joins her husband, Richard, in preaching and praying for the needs of viewers, and she speaks words of faith and healing to the issues many people—especially women—are dealing with in their lives.

In addition, Lindsay hosts the inspirational women’s television program, Make Your Day Count—featuring inspiring stories, special guests, and a refreshing time in the Word of God.

Lindsay serves as editor of the online magazines for Oral Roberts Ministries. She is the author of several books, including 36 Hours with an Angel, Overcoming Stress, A Cry for Miracles, and the 31-day devotional, Read & Pray & then Obey. She ministers at women’s conferences and other services around the country.

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