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The Lords Soon Return! with Mark Biltz

During The Lord’s Soon Return! Pastor Mark will connect the Prophets with the New Testament to show the events that are unfolding before our eyes will usher in the return of the Lord. He will teach and bring clarity to many long-misunderstood passages bringing depth of meaning and removing confusion. Believers will come away with new understanding and excitement for the Word of God!


Mark Biltz

Mark Biltz


Pastor Mark Biltz is founder of...
Founder: El Shaddai Ministries

Senior Pastor Mark Biltz, founder of El Shaddai Ministries in Washington state, is a well-known and popular commentator on the Feasts of the Lord. Pastor Mark has produced a series of DVDs on the Feasts that have gone around the world. His research and theories have earned him guest appearances on both radio and television programs, as well as on the cover of popular magazines. He teaches how the Messianic prophecies that Yeshua fulfilled 2,000 years ago when He came the first time happened during the Biblical Spring Feasts, and how Yeshua’s second coming will happen during the Biblical Fall Feasts (Leviticus 23).

  • Spring Feasts
  • On Passover, Yeshua died on the cross.
  • On the Feast of Unleavened Bread, He was buried.
  • On the Feast of First Fruits, He was resurrected.
  • On Pentecost, the Holy Spirit was sent to indwell believers.

Pastor Mark’s research and insights from the Hebrew language and his knowledge of the culture of Biblical times have opened up the importance of understanding the Bible as one connected book. The perspectives coming from this understanding bring new life and amazing insights into the faith of a Believer. The serious need to educate Christians from all different denominations on the richness of God’s Word nestled in its original Hebraic setting propelled Pastor Mark to start this ministry in 2001. He also has a passion to teach the truth about replacement theology, which is the belief that the Christian church has replaced the Jews. This teaching has stunted the churches’ knowledge of and appreciation for our true roots. He brings out the importance of remembering that God first spoke to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It was the Jews who brought the Gospel to the Gentile world, because they saw how everything Jesus taught connected directly back to the fathers of our faith: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Jewish authors of God’s Word also taught us Jesus truly is the long- awaited Messiah, the One whose very name means “salvation” – Jesus/Yeshua is Himself a Jew. The first disciples were willing to lay down their lives for this truth!

He has written four best selling books: Blood Moons; God’s Day Timer and Study Guide for God’s Day Timer; Decoding the Anti-Christ and the End Times; and Decoding the Prophet Jeremiah. He does interviews and teachings all over the world from these books and from insights he has from his many teachings.

Pastor Mark is a teacher of the Word in the most extraordinary way!

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