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Roots And Reflections

Roots and Reflections is a colorful and vibrant program about the life in Israel. American-born producer Barry Segal is a widely-known messianic Jew. Together with his wife they are worship leaders and Bible teachers.

Roots and Reflections is a program about Israel, its past and present, and with a glimpse into the future of the Land. It covers historical and archaelogical topics, music and culture in the context of the Bible. Israel is presented to the viewer in a vivid and joyful manner with strong expertise. The producers Barry and Batya Segal also host the program.

Roots & Reflections Youtube:

Watch to learn more about Vision for Israel

Vision for Israel is Spreading Love. Giving Hope. Changing Lives.

Vision for Israel is your hands in spreading love, compassion and practical help in Israel. With feet on the ground, they have been operating in partnership with the Israeli government and social services for the past 25 years impacting more than ONE MILLION lives.

Barry Segal

Barry Segal


Barry Segal is a recording...

Birthplace: Detroit, MI

Barry Segal is a recording artist and part of a praise and worship duo with his wife Batya. They are among Israel’s leading inspirational recording artists and have recorded multiple albums together.

Barry was raised on a varied musical diet, from classical to rhythm and blues. His distinctive and upbeat style, called Mizrahi, mixes traditional Middle Eastern sounds with modern world music, using a variety of unique instruments. Barry and Batya met at a musician’s workshop and instantly connected, musically and spiritually, marrying in 1987. Their songs, which incorporate rich vocal harmonies and ancient Yemenite elements such as prayer chanting, are based on scripture and have been translated into many languages.

Today, Barry and Batya live on the outskirts of Jerusalem, and in 1994 they established Vision for Israel and The Joseph Storehouse to help disadvantaged people in Israel and other nations.

Barry & Batya Segal Music Youtube:

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