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Love of God with Randy Brodhagen

Join Dr. Randy Brodhagen as he proclaims God’s Word and equips God’s people for ministry on Love of God with Randy Brodhagen.

Dr. Randy Brodhagen

Dr. Randy Brodhagen


Dr. Randy Brodhagen is the ...
Founder: Glory To God Ministries

Dr. Randy Brodhagen is the host and teacher of the International Radio & TV Broadcast, “The Love of God”, which airs on six continents.

Glory to God Ministries was established to further the proclamation of God’s Word and equip God’s people for ministry. It also encourages and assists churches and ministries in carrying out God’s vision to “teach all nations” to know Jesus and grow in the faith.

The ministry develops servants to have a single eye and work as unto the Lord. They strive to be filled with the Word of God; strong in faith; and led by the Spirit of God, speaking “faith filled” words. Further, the ministry endeavors to be filled with the compassion of Jesus, to walk in obedience, and in the power and might of God.

Glory to God Ministries are faithful with tithes, dependable, and prefer others above themselves. They seek to be free of envy and strife, rejoice over others’ blessings, and walk in instant forgiveness. They are intercessors, doers of the Word, and build our lives upon the Holy Spirit.

These goals are furthered through weekly bible studies, services, revivals, and television and radio broadcasts. Glory to God Ministries also provides healing through the Internet, books, video, audio CD’s, and counseling.

Dr. Randy Brodhagen, raised in Portland, Oregon, founded Glory To God Ministries in 1978. Previously, Dr. Brodhagen was a Pastor in the Lutheran church.

Dr. Brodhagen, his wife Diana, and two children Erin and Jesse reside in California.

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