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Inspiring Moments with Adonis Lenzy

Inspiring Moments with Adonis Lenzy is exactly that – an inspiring half-hour weekly program that will encourage you to be the best version of yourself by going after your dreams. Adonis Lenzy is a pastor, author and motivational speaker who has a unique ability to connect with people across ethnic, denominational and cultural lines.

Adonis Lenzy

Adonis Lenzy


Adonis Lenzy is an author, speaker and...
Host: Inspiring Moments with Adonis Lenzy

Adonis Lenzy is an author, speaker and pastor who enjoys speaking to people from all stages of life, inspiring them to live the life they have imagined by going after their dreams.

He has developed a unique style of communicating to his audiences in creative, illustrative and humorous ways. His goal is to inspire, motivate and equip for next-level living.

Originally from San Antonio, Adonis met his wife-to-be, Heather, in Nashville, where they now reside with their two children.

He’s been in ministry for nearly 20 years and loves speaking to people from all stages of life and encouraging them to keep moving, keep dreaming and keep reaching for the life that they have imagined.

Some of his favorite topics are family, leadership and the NEXT. What he means by that is sometimes in life we find ourselves still dreaming the dream but not living the dream. The good news is there are some NEXT steps that can get you there.

Adonis and Heather also have a passion to help singles, the divorced and dating couples by sharing their dating story.

Learn more: Go to to find out how you can “make your next days your best days”.

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