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Growing in Truth with Reverend Betty King

Growing in Truth is a show that brings the word of God alive through discussions and testimonies.

Featuring Reverend Betty King.


Betty King

Betty King


Reverend Betty King is a much-beloved...
Senior Pastor: Truth Vine Church

Reverend Betty King is a much-beloved leader and Apostolic Prophet to the nations. Her love for God shines forth in a fiery & passionate obedience to the King of kings. Answering His call has seen Reverend King travel to every continent; moving in the prophetic, touching and transforming many lives and rekindling hope.

Reverend King is a woman full of love, wisdom, strength, kindness, compassion and grace. Those that follow her example will find themselves in a place of deeper intimacy and honesty with God, positioned to do His will.

Reverend King’s prophetic impartation brings transformation and is appreciated by financial, political and religious world leaders alike. God uses her to speak soundness and to bring Godly change in different spheres of society. Reverend Betty King is a happy mother to three wonderful children, a grandmother to three amazing grandchildren and a great-grandmother to her beautiful great-grandchild.

Reverend Betty King has been a minister of the gospel for more than 29 years. Betty King International Ministries (BKIM) was founded in 1998 as a prayer and intercession ministry for people who were in need. It is a conduit to see people permanently delivered from their trials and afflictions.

BKIM is a dynamically prophetic hub of prayer, community outreach and revival based in the strategic location of Wembley, London. The ministry continues to touch many lives and nations with the love and power of God. Through various ministries we provide socio-economic and spiritual solutions to cause fruitfulness in every area of life!

God spoke to Reverend King to start a church and after years of prayer and preparation, Truth Vine Church was birthed in 2017 with Reverend King as the Senior Pastor.

It is a loving community church where people are revived, trained and built up. From here we reach out to our local area and our city. We pray for our neighbours, the nations and the Body of Christ.

Under the leadership of Reverend King, the church is marked with a burning passion to connect with God in authenticity and see His mandate fulfilled. We desire to see multitudes arise and come into the house of the Lord in the spirit of Sonship coupled with deep unite, advancing Abba Father’s Kingdom in the earth.

With dynamic worship, prayer, teaching & discussion all are welcome; young, old and families alike.

Learn more: or email

Faceboook: @bettykinginternationalministries
Instagram: @bkim_media
Youtube: BK-TV
Call: +44 (0) 208 902 6610

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