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Faith Rising with Daniel and Amber Pierce

Faith Rising with Daniel and Amber Pierce is a show about living with bold faith in the modern age. No stone will be left unturned as the Pierce’s interview a wide array of guests to discover how our faith can rise to new.

Daniel and Amber Pierce

Daniel and Amber Pierce


Daniel and Amber Pierce have been actively...
Host: Faith Rising

Daniel and Amber Pierce have been actively serving in ministry for over 15 years. They spent several years building relationships with local leaders and serving in many capacities before following the Lord’s call to open and establish the Justice Center in Israel. This call originated out of a longing to worship the Lord in an atmosphere of spiritual freedom.

Recently, God has called the Pierce’s back to the United States to establish their future in media with Faith Rising!

Daniel and Amber have three children and currently live in the North Texas area.



Daniel @danielpierce81

Amber @amberpierce12

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